Fmsphotoaday April day 3

Day 3 – Starts with a. Avocado guacamole first experience and it tasted really good. I called guacamole my style. 

Food and Food experiences #18

Orange cake made with love with my baby girl.
Bolo de laranja feito com muito amor com a minha menina linda.

Food and Food Experiences #10

Bolo de clementina com cobertura de chocolate de leite.
(tivemos que acender a vela porque para a minha filha se há bolo tem que se cantar os parabéns e apagar a vela)
Clementine cake with chocolate cover. 
(we had to light the candle for my daughter because if there’s cake we have to sing happy birthday and blow out the candle).

Food and Food Experiences #8

Queques de clementina
Clementine muffins 

Food and Food Experiences #7

Batatas fritas feitas por mim e que estão melhores que as do pacote. 
Chips made ​​by me and are better than those from the supermarket.